Centre historique

Célébration de l'histoire culturelle

Ce quartier historiquement noir milite pour la préservation.


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Centre historique

Centre historique

Timothy A. Barber, executive director of the Black Archives, which makes its home in the historic Lyric Theater, explains that the establishment of Overtown as an important cultural center in Miami came from local and visiting artists who would go “over town” to their hotels, or to continue the party after their shows finished elsewhere in the city. If you want to experience an integral part of Miami’s culture, walk the streets of Overtown, visit the theater, look at the art on the walls, and don’t leave without getting some soul food in you.

Le quartier est également apprécié pour son très populaire People's Bar-B-Que, ses projets musicaux à but non lucratif, ses festivals d'art, ses marchés agricoles et bien plus encore.

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