Pied à Terre at the Cadet Hotel Miami Beach - Art Deco District/South Beach

  • Miami Spice
  • August 1 - September 30

Pied à Terre at the Cadet Hotel is participating in Miami Spice (August 1 - September 30). Learn more about the Miami Spice Program

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Miami Spice Month Days: August 1 - September 30
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This restaurant offers a sensual dining experience on South Beach. Healthy Contemporary French Cuisine awakens the taste buds and surprises the palate with innovative dishes created by chefs from 2- and 3- Michelin starred restaurants in France. Its collection of 241 wines from small private wineries won the 2015 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. The restaurant is cozy, quaint, elegant and refined. With just 36 seats inside and seating for 25 outdoors in a beautiful garden setting, guests enjoy their dinner in an ambience of serenity and peace. The restaurant caters to guests who appreciate personal service, fine, unusual and hard-to-find wines, spectacular food, and privacy. The facility offers an outstanding environment for private parties, social events, weddings and business meetings. It can accommodate up to 40 people for a seated dinner, and 95 for cocktail parties.


1701 James Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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